Soundbar and Speakers

Soundbars the solution to poor TV audio.

Here’s a fact: Slim and thin TV have an equally thin and slim speaker inside. And while that is fine mostly for a small device such as a tablet its pathetic when you’re watching “The Dark Knight” for instance. The video is superb, you TV shows enormous depth in video and the dark scenes are really fantastic together with extraordinary contrast. However the dialogue of Batman sounds like Tom and Jerry playing. Imagine the disappointment Mr. Nolan would have if he were to hear his masterpiece sound so thin and pathetic.

Enter Soundbar, There are dozens and scores of sound bars available in the market right now, and some are excellent, some not so much. Moreover there features and connectivity options are different on each, choose wisely! Are there enough HDMI inputs to handle all your devices? What about Bluetooth for music?  What about aux for my old iPod?

Sound Bar Easy Buying Guide

No matter what, read the following:-

The following are most important and critical points to remember while selecting and buying a Soundbar.

  • Select a soundbar with at least 3 channel config. There are many 2 channel sound bars available, and while they can increase the audio volume the overall effect will still be very monotonous. A 3 channel or 5 channel soundbar will increase the immersion!
  • Go for a sound bar with dedicate sub woofer.  It is recommended that you spend a little extra and buy a soundbar which has a dedicated subwoofer, it will add lots of depth and punch to your audio.
  • Connectivity options. Most sound bars are Bluetooth-enabled , streaming is taken care of. However addition on Airplay and HDMI switching is a boon too. Similarly toslink input is a nice and usable feature to have.
  • Or just skip the rest of this and buy one of these listed here: The Best Sound Bars around 2000 rupees for a basic one. Or for our recommended range buy a soundbar for around 10000 rupees from this list.

Types: Sound Bars & Sound Bases.

Technically speaking there two broad types

  • sound bars
  • sound bases

Both do the same job, however the difference is in installation and placement. While soundbars are typically wall mounted, kept in a shelf or in front of TV, sound bases are designed to be kept below the TV and have a structure capable of withstanding the weight of a TV.


Can you add more speakers to a soundbar?  

Well it depends on the soundbar it self. Some are designed to incorporate additional wired/wireless speakers and the soundbar is modular in design as such, however most are not.

Can you add a subwoofer to a sound bar?  

Again it depends on the soundbar. Most soundbars which do not have a subwoofer lack the capability to add one later.

Do you need a AV receiver if you have a sound bar?

No, you do not need an AVR if you buy an active sound bar, yes if you buy a passive sound bar.

What are Dolby Atmos sound bars?

Newer breed of soundbars have Atmos enabled functionality. While it does add a good sense of effect it certainly lacks in immersion as true Atmos systems.

What brands should you buy?

There are plenty of brands that build quality sound bars such as Bose, Sony, Boat, Zebronics, and Yamaha. Some are budget audio bands while some are premium ones.

What sound bars work with Apple Tv?

You can use any sound bar with your Apple TV; you just need to make sure you have compatible connections between your sound bar and TV.

How can I tell if a sound bar is compatible with my TV?

Most modern LED, QLED, OLED TVs will work with most modern sound bars. However, to be certain, you need to be sure that they have compatible connections such as HDMI or Optical connection.

Where should I put my subwoofer?

Since every room is different, you need to experiment with placement to hear where it gives best performance! Generally speaking, you’ll want to place your subwoofer facing forward near the front of your TV. Some sub-woofers sound boomy in corners, some do not, check that too.

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