Washing Machine Appliance and Choices

Finding a good washing machine is one of the biggest tasks. There are countless options and tons of variety available to choose from. For instance there are two types of washing machines.

  • Front Load washing machines
  • Top Load washing machines

And more than that there are numerous options of weight capacity all under dozens of different brands. Weight capacity is to be chosen according to the load and quantity of laundry that the washing machine is going to be used for. For instance for nuclear family a washing machine of 6 KG, 6.5 KG or maximum 7 Kilograms should be enough. Similarly for a family of 5 or more 7 or 8 KG washing machine should be enough.

Now there are features such as water heater options, automatic functions, wash modes and smart modes. If you need a water heater enabled washing machine there are countless options to choose from, these washing machines automatically heat the water to a certain level according to the selected wash mode.

Apart from that washing machines also differ in water consumption. Front load use a lot less of Aqua than their top load counterparts and critics saw are far more effective too. By the same token motors vary in efficiency and newer gen washing machines come with inverter based DC motors which are very efficient and long lasting.

Bosch, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool are some of the big names when it comes to Washing machines. Needless to say you should buy one according to your own budget, choice and requirements and warranty offered.

LG and a few other brands come with direct drive tech where in the motor is directly attached to the drum. In other cases there is a belt system running the drum. Talking about the drum various companies name their drum in a fancy way but do not be swayed by that. All you should look for is a stainless steel drum for its durability and ease of maintenance.

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